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             Wrapping/Protection - Polythene - Tapes - Tools & Accessories

Packaging - Wrapping/Protection

Bubble Wrap

Bio-Greenfill Flopac

Corrugated paper

Stretch/Pallet Wrap

Handi Wrap

Jiffy Bags

Jiffy Foam

Kraft Paper

Sisal Twine

Acid Free Tissue

News Off Cuts

Paper Sacks

Poly Twine


Packaging - Polythene

Poly Prop Sacks

Rubble Sacks

Black/Clear Refuse Sacks

Poly Bags - ALL SIZES

Carrier bags

Lay Flat Tubing

Gripper Bags

Wheelie bin liner

Polythene Sheeting


Packaging - Tapes

Brown/Clear Poly

Brown/Clear Low Noise

Brown/Clear Vinyl

X-Weave reinforced

Coloured Tapes

Printed (Your text etc)

Hazard Tape

Paper Masking Tape

Aluminium Foil Tape

Fragile Tape

Non Adhesive Barrier Tape

Double Sided Tape

Gaffa Tape


Packaging - Tools & Accessories

Tape Guns

Strapping Trollies

Strapping Seals

Stretch wrap handles

PP Strapping

Machine Strapping

Strapping Tensioner

Strapping Sealer

Bench Dispenser

Centre Feed Dispensers

Card board edge protectors

Document enclosed labels


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